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  • CBD Patches - 30 x 30mg - 900 mg

CBD patches have a much higher bioavailability (absorption through the body) than CBD oil administered sublingually (under the tongue) or capsules via the mouth (digestion). This makes them more effective, easier and cheaper to use. The release of CBD to the body through the skin is slower and more comfortable and lasts up to 12 to 36 hours.

  • 30 patches
  • 30 mg CBD per patch
  • Total 900 mg (comparable with a 10ml bottle of CBD oil of 9%)

Stick a patch directly on the skin. Remove it after 12-36 hours. Change the location with every subsequent patch for best results. Locations on our body for proper absorption are:

  • directly under the clavicle
  • upper arm (favorit tattoo spot)
  • shoulder blades
  • lower back, just above buttock.

CBD: 900 mg (30 mg per patch)

Content: 30 patches (individually packed per 6 patches on 5 sheets)

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CBD Patches - 30 x 30mg - 900 mg


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