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Adaptogen Mushrooms

Like cannabis, (adaptogenic) mushrooms have been used in traditional medicine since time immemorial. In Chinese traditional medicine in particular, a lot of knowledge has been preserved because it is still applied today, for 5000 years. But much has also been preserved from other Asian countries, the (Eastern) European cultures and the Siberian and Scandinavian cultures. We have recently become acquainted with this knowledge again here in Westen, which is confirmed with modern techniques. Bottom Line: Mushrooms, like cannabis, have been used by mankind for thousands of years for the body and mind.

Pure Mushrooms

Thanks to the knowledge gained from Traditional Chinese Medicine and modern technology, Pure Mushrooms has created unique mushroom supplements. The power of these supplements comes from the mushrooms themselves, pure, unprocessed and straight from their original source: the pristine and ancient forests of China. In the middle of these forests are traditional mushroom farms where the art of cultivation has been passed down through generations and where respect and patience are the main principles.

The mushrooms are given plenty of time to develop to the maximum and to extract nutrients from the nutrient medium that has been specially composed for them. This gives the mushrooms a full spectrum fruiting body and contains a maximum number of healthy substances. All fruiting bodies of the mushrooms also contain at least 30% polysaccharides by this method. Because the longer the mushroom grows, the more powerful it is. After the mushrooms have reached their maximum potency, they are harvested and immediately dried naturally and ground into a very fine powder. Only the fruiting body of the mushroom is used for this. No soil material or anything else is included. This keeps the supplements clean. This fine powder is processed into an extract by means of hot water extraction. This is also what makes these supplements unique. An extract is many times more concentrated than a powder.


The pure mushroom extract powders are packed in vegetable cellulose capsules with the only addition of Acerola extract as extra support. The acerola berry is known for its high doses of natural vitamin C and antioxidants.

Quality and organic

Pure Mushrooms products are SKAL certified organic. The high-quality production takes place at GMP and ISO 22000 certified German and Austrian production locations. In addition, they have every batch tested by an external laboratory, which guarantees the food safety and quality of the supplements.

The products of Pure Mushrooms

Pure Mushrooms has six different products in its range. Including 4 singles of the most popular adaptogenic strains and 2 unique blends all in capsule form.

Lion's Mane

Chill mix (Lion's Mane and Reishi)
Fit mix (Cordyceps, Maitake and Reishi)

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