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This Pure Alkaline Salt (baking soda) is made from the deposits of mineralised sodium bicarbonate called Trona, wich is a 55 million year old mineral stone. It is extracted by a simple water process and therefore free of chemicals.

pH Balance
Bicarbonates are naturally produced  by our own body to restore the pH balance of our blood and intracellular fluid, they naturally occur in a healthy alkaline body.

Medicine Flower Pure Alkaline Salt can be used as a dietary supplement to support pH Balance and works best when combined with a proper alkaline diet, plenty of sunlight and regular excersice.

How to use:
½ Teaspoon dissolved in Apple Cider Vinegar or Lemon Juice, stir it up and dilute with clean water, Upto 6 times a day. Check urine pH levels using pH strips.

Content: 444gram



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Pure Alkaline Salt

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