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Hemp & Turmeric tea is a fresh mix that is spicy through the turmeric. The lemon balm and lemongrass naturally make it fresh and lemon-like, and the gourmets taste a subtle sweetie through the elderflower. Because hemp is also the most important ingredient here, the tea retains its softness.

Taste: spicy, lemony, soft and a little touch of sweetness.

Ingredients: Hemp leaf and flower (50%), turmeric (24%), lemon balm, lemongrass, ginger, elderflower, black pepper.


     Use 2 tablespoons hemp per liter of water
     Pour boiling water on
     Allow 5 to 7 minutes to steep


Content: 40 grams


about Dutch Harvest:

Dutch Harvest serves tea with a mission: bringing hemp back in business. This Dutch startup company brings (hemp) tea from Dutch soil. The hemp leaves, -flowers and -seeds used for tea are organically grown in the north-east part of the Netherlands.

Dutch Harvest tea is not only a local product, the packaging is eco-friendly and biodegradable. In addition, the tea is carefully assembled and packaged in a sheltered workshop.

Dutch Harvest hemp tea comes in four variations: simply hemp, hemp&chocolate, hemp&herbs and hemp&chai. These different blends were composed by tea sommelier Karlijn Dapper.

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