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The same organic content, but with a new look.

Why a new packaging?

The organic status of CBD products in the Netherlands has changed. The certifying organization in the Netherlands, SKAL, has decided that CBD products do not comply with the EU organic regulation. According to SKAL, CBD is not seen as a food and therefore cannot be certified organic. This means that Medihemp's CBD products may no longer be sold certified organic on the Dutch market as of December 24, 2021.
Medihemp is certified Organic throughout Europe

Until our national border, these products remain certified organic and in the rest of Europe they are still sold as certified organic. All Medihemp CBD products for the Dutch market will therefore soon receive new packaging. It can therefore temporarily happen that your Medihemp product has a different packaging than what is shown in our webshop. We will adjust this as soon as possible.

The quality of Medihemp remains the same

The quality of the products? It will of course remain the same. The content does not change. Medihemp still uses raw materials that are certified organic. All CBD products from Medihemp have all the necessary certificates (Austria Bio Garantie GmbH) and are produced according to the guidelines of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and the Austrian Food Safety Agency (AGES). Medihemp also regularly tests their products itself and has an external laboratory do this one more time.
For example, the CBD products are tested for the presence of more than 200 different substances. Medihemp publishes the results per batch on their website, so that you can see exactly which cannabinoids and other substances are in the CBD product. You can find and view the correct analysis via the Charge/Batch number of your product via a PDF.

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