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A thin mattress made of 100 per cent pure natural felted hemp fibre with a woven hemp cloth cover. The fibre mattress has been enriched by aromatic herbs and ethereal oils so that it gives off a therapeutic aroma.

The Herbal Hemp Mat can be used:

  • for yoga or exercises: its natural materials make the Herbal Hemp Mat far more comfortable than a synthetic mat.
  • as an extra layer on a bed: the Herbal Hemp Mat’s absorptive properties ensure a good night’s sleep.
  • for massage: on a hard surface the Herbal Hemp Mat is comfortable yet not too soft which, together with the therapeutic aroma, makes it a perfect massage mat.

The Herbal Hemp Mat is available in three delightful fragrances:

  • Soothing lavender
  • Clearing eucalypt and peppermint
  • Romantic roses and ylang-ylang

The Herbal Hemp Mat measures 70 x 200 cm. It can be rolled tightly into its storage bag which makes it easy to store and carry.
It comes with an additional bottle of ethereal oil for re-aromatizing the mat from time to time.