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For those who want to safely inhale CBD we offer this Nebulizer Starter Kit. It consists of an ultrasonic nebulizer and 10 ml CBDactive+.

Mix 1-2 pumps of CBDactive+ with a salt solution and put into the nebulizer cup. Then place the cup into the nebulizer, turn it on and inhale the mist that is created. The nebulizer uses ultrasonic waves to nebulize the CBDactive+ solution. This is much healthier than using heat sources to vaporize CBD solutions. No burning residues, just the pure CBDactive+ mix! CBDactive+ is completely absorbed by the body (unlike oils) and works even faster and more effective via the lungs.




About Dutch NAtural Healing

In the past few years, Dutch Natural Healing has developed into one of the best Dutch producers of CBD products. They use only the tops of organically produced plants, ande provide a high and consistent product quality. Dutch Natural Healing is at the forefront of the market with the development of innovative products.

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Nebulizer Starter Kit


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