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Combination of natural vegetable proteins with a delicious vanilla flavor. The vegetable proteins consist of pea protein, hemp protein and rice protein and are a source of high-quality protein. The Beyuna Protein contains a full spectrum of essential amino acids. * Ideal for vegetarians and vegans.

Mix about 30 g of powder in 300 ml of water or milk. You can use the mixture as a healthy and nutrient-rich snack at any time of the day. Also delicious in yogurt or a smoothie. Do not heat up.

Proteins are to support muscle building / muscle strength and muscle mass.

Ingredients: Pea Protein, Coconut Sugar, Hemp Protein, Rice Protein, Natural Vanilla Flavor. Organic.

Content: 450 grams


Beyuna is a Dutch lifestyle company with 100% natural nutritional supplements. For more information visit the Beyuna website via our distributor link.

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