About Us

Our name says it all, one plant is central to us: Hemp! Dutch Hemp Store originated from love for this incredibly versatile plant

Hemp has endless application possibilities. Everything from the entire plant can be used from fiber to seed! Amazed by the versatility of this plant, we started looking for as many products as possible based on hemp to be included in our assortment. With us you will not only find food, but also clothing, shoes, bags, cosmetics and much more made from hemp.

In our webshop you will find an extensive range of hemp and CBD products. We do our utmost to inform you as well as possible about the composition and origin. When choosing our producers, we always ensure that they act in a socially responsible manner in order to exclude exploitation of humans, animals and nature as much as possible. In our physical store in Bussum you can view the products up close and be amazed by the endless applications.

At Dutch Hemp Store we are always looking for an extension of the (hemp) range. Do you have a nice idea for us, or are you perhaps a producer yourself? Please let us know!